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PO Box 24450, Cincinnati OH 45224

Providing Winning Solutions to Executives and Entrepreneurs

We teach entrepreneurs and consult with business leaders on how to use online and content marketing strategies that generate income and takes them from client ghost town to clients on repeat.

Think About What You're Offering Your Clients...

We specialize in equipping businesses to implement engaging content and strong communication strategies.

Core Services

Nonprofit Communications Consulting

Community Engagement Strategies
Communications Planning and Campaigning
Online Marketing Strategies and Campaigns
Internal and External Communications Best Practices

Marketing Connection Marketplace

Website Development
Social Media Management
Social Media Kits, Brand Kits
Graphic Design: Logos, Flyers

Communications and Marketing Training

Content Marketing Training
Social Media Engagement and Conversions
Marketing Training and Workshops for Entrepreneurship Groups

Coaching for Coaches and Consultants

Six-Figure Conversion
Establishing Brand Clarity
Lead Generation Strategies
Social Media and Engagement Content Engagement

What do people say?

Client testimonials

“JoVonne recently spoke at one of my #RespecttheHustle events and she was absolutely amazing! She broke down the importance of content marketing and the different ways an average person can create and plan their content like a marketing professional. Everyone love it and I am excited for her to come back!”

Tonnisha English


” I attended JoVonne’s “Content Marketing for Small Business” workshop and was very impressed. For a free workshop, she provided a ton of information on how to identify and create your target buyer persona, know when and where to post, and ideas to create content tailored to the problems your business helps solve. She was extremely knowledgeable and relatable. If you have a chance to attend one of her workshops, I’d highly recommend it, you will get tips you can put into immediate use in your business with topics you can delve in to further as time allows. “

T. Demasters

“JoVonne guided me in creating extraordinary content for my website that has helped to attract my ideal clients. She taught me the best practices for publishing my content for maximum exposure to my prospects. I recommend meeting with JoVonne to determine if she can help you with your business.”

Jim. Conwell

“JoVonne’s last webinar was soooo informative! It felt like a well needed refresher for me and I highly recommend all entrepreneurs take her courses or hire her for her services. She hit point that many people have questions about when starting a business and are in need of practical marketing assistance. Think About It, LLC is where it’s at”

Rebecca Armstrong