Business Growth Happens When You Are Willing to Make an Investment

We provide an array of services to help your business your business market better. Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs and business leaders with the proper steps needed to gain traction and conversion.

8 Week Coaching Program

Content Hitters Framework

Here are the 5 focus areas within the program.  Program begins Spring 2020. Cost is $997.

  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Communication Plans
  • Campaign Graphics and Content
  • Online Campaigns via social media, email marketing, texting
  • Analytics review and tracking
  • Script assessments
  • Content Planners
  • Leads for new content creation (through videography, photography, etc)
  • Website Assessment – content development
  • Packages start at $600/month (3-month minimum)
Graphics – branding styling guides (including color combos, font styles, logo and business cards)  starting at $350
Website Development – Starting at $350
– Campaigns Graphics and Content for social media and website – starting at $350 (for 5 individual campaigns) 
– Entrepreneur workshops  
– Small Business Staff Trainings  

Content Marketing for Small Business

Learn powerhouse tips on how to prepare your brand for success through target client assessments and proper brand messaging for the digital space. We will discuss the following:

  • Proper Planning
  • Proper SEO Practices for building brand awareness
  • Relevant Messaging
  • Content Strategy and Consistency

Delivering a Pitch That Converts

Are you ready to build a brand pitch that Converts? There is no need to fumble over your words or draw a complete blank concerning what you have to offer. Help is here!  You’ve got the creative sauce to deliver a message that pinpoints exactly what you do and why your services and/or products are needed.  The following will be covered: (make sure to below )

  • Why You Need a Pitch
  • The Importance of Knowing Your Audience
  • How to Frame Your Pitch for Various Encounters
  • Proper Pitch Etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts for in Person and in the Digital space)
  • Brand Effective Action Words that Draw Interests and Build Profitable Relationships 

Mastering Email Marketing

Learn the art of building an email list and increasing conversion rates. We will assess the following:

  • Email List growth
  • Building sequences
  • Various Email Marketing Tools and there uses
  • In Your Face Marketing Formula

Target Client Profiling

Determining your target client is not the easiest method. It takes research, surveys, and more, including:

  • Assessing the Right Client
  • Assessing the Wrong Client
  • How to Think Like a Client

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The Bullseye Framework

The Bullseye Framework: is essentially the step by step process for clearly defining your target audience. You’ll receive extensive instructions on how to research your desired client and the actions needed to pursue them.

The Distinguished Method

The Distinguished Method: – this is where you will gain clarity in your messaging. You will learn how to identify the distinguishing factors of your brand that sets you apart from those within your industry.

The CTC Method

The CTC (Content That Converts) Method : focuses on steps to create a conversation with your audience and how to gain qualified leads and interests through story telling.

The Consistency Project

The Consistency Project: is where we will discuss how to create a schedule of daily content that you can push to your audience. We will address content planners and automation for your desired platforms

Measuring Your Hit Game

Measuring Your Hit Game : this is where we will assess the proper methods of tracking your growth and activity with the audience you serve