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Nonprofit Communications Consulting

  • Communications Planning and Campaigning
  • Internal and External Communications Best Practices
  • Online Marketing Strategies and Campaigns
  • Community Engagement Strategies

Have a Winning Communications Plan!

Case Study

How we increased communication efficiency and brand presence by 66%

Center for Closing the Health Gap is a community-health grassroots organization with a clear mission:  to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities, and make Cincinnati a healthier place to live.


Health Gap Needs Prior to Start of Contract

  • Needed to expand reach digitally
  • Needed clarity in multigenerational messaging
  • Needed to expand reach digitally
  • Needed to target new audiences – specifically 18-35 years age range within the African American Community.
  • Needed stronger in-house communication practices in order to promote events and campaigns to the general public in a timely manner
  • Needed more press opportunities

The Results of our Communications Plan addressed the following key areas:

  1. Internal Communications Planning and best practices – including meeting with the HG team to implement a more fluid process for communication requests. This process is still in place even during Covid.
  2. Social Media: 5 posts per week on FB, IG, and Twitter.
  3. Following has increased by 66% on FB and weekly  engagement continues to trends this has increased by 66%.
  4. Engagement has increased significantly with the use of video and more appealing messaging.
  5. Blog Post: outlined plan of 1 post per month – pre-covid plan was followed to provide stronger resources on website.
  6. Pre-Covid Press for Health Expo was working according to schedule.
  7. Health Expo Promotion reaching over 10,000 account on FB and engaging new audiences with imaging and messaging.
  8. Email Marketing – monthly and quarterly messaging
    • Open rate averaging 15%- 20% now – prior to contract was 11%
    • Click rate average 10% now – prior to contract was 2%

What do people say?

Client testimonial

“Jovonne Walker has been instrumental in integrating communication best practice processes, and significantly increasing our online marketing engagement and reach by 66% with the use of video and more effective messaging. Under her management, The Health Gap’s Annual Expo digital promotion reach expanded to over 10,000 with new engagements.  Our organization has benefited from the insight Jovonne has provided, particularly as we worked with the community during the COVID-19 pandemic”

Renee Mahaffey Harris

The following packages are designed to both develop and create a strong marketing plan and campaign launch strategy.

Silver Package

$ 1500/mo
Minimum 6 Month Commitment
One- 1.5 hour staff strategy session
Social Media Content Plan And Email Marketing (Outlined Planner)
An outlined Communications plan for one year
Video Script Template and Tool Suggestions
Content Tools and Resources
Content Engagement Best Practices
Community - Client Assessment
Weekly Topics Assessment
Online Campaign Timeline
Overall Messaging Review
Funnel Assessment
Unlimited Email Support

Gold Package

$ 3500/mo
Min 6 Mo - Includes Everything in Silver
+ One 1.5 hour staff strategy session
In-house communication processes analysis and development
Client Lead Generation Strategy Development and Execution
Email Best Practices Training
Text Messaging Campaigning
Email Campaigning Scripts

Platinum Package

$ 7500/mo
Min 6 Mo - Includes Everything in Silver
+ Two 1.5 hour staff strategy sessions
Networking and PR scripting
Monthly Analysis Reporting

Tailored Packaging Available.