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PO Box 24450, Cincinnati OH 45224

Have a Winning Marketing Plan!

Marketing Connection Marketplace

Gain access to our preferred graphic designers, web development and social media management providers

    • Graphic Design: Logos, Flyers and Social Media Kits, Brand Kits – investment varies
    • Website Development -Investment starts at $650 
    • Social Media Management: 
    • Investment starts at $ 350 
    • Google My Business – Investment starts at $350 
    • Google Ads- Investment starts at $350 
    • Facebook Ads – Investment starts at $350 

Need more?

Core Services We Provide

Nonprofit Communications Consulting

  • Community Engagement Strategies
  • Online Marketing Strategies and Campaigns
  • Communications Planning and Campaigning
  • Internal and External Communications Best Practices

Coaching for Coaches and Consultants

  • Six-Figure Conversion
  • Establishing Brand Clarity
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Social Media and Engagement Content Engagement

Communications and Marketing Training

  • Content Marketing Training
  • Social Media Engagement and Conversions
  • Marketing Training and Workshops for Entrepreneurship Groups