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I am JoVonne, a native of Cincinnati, Creative Marketing Communications Coach and Consultant, Speaker, and Phenomenally Talented Millennial. I am a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University (Bachelor of Science – Labor Relations) and The Ohio University (Master of Business Administration – Executive Management).  

I have over 22 years of combined retail management, pricing analytics, competitive analysis and marketing experience and want to help you develop a strong content marketing strategy for your brand!

My Story

When I started this company in 2015, I wanted to help businesses build better communication practices. I would often see signs, flyers, and social media posts that weren’t clearly communicating the purpose of events or missing the mark in brand messaging. Much of the communication was done in error including grammar and non-actionable words. I began to realize there was a growing need for assistance in this area. I knew I could offer guidance, as I had worked as a Marketing Manager for my local church for over 7 years. I knew that my experience in building marketing campaigns, developing communication strategy, grassroots marketing, social media marketing, and business to business relationships would give me some level of competitive edge.  This proved true, and over the course of three years, I developed a passion for training and consulting entrepreneurs and business leaders on the importance of effective online marketing including target client assessments, email marketing, landing pages, social media marketing, online networking, SEO strategies, content creation, and communication campaigning. 

From a corporate retail perspective, much of my experience stems from working for the Kroger Company. It was here where I gained 12 years of hands on knowledge in store management, pricing analytics, grocery merchandising, competitive analysis, and leadership. 


 I have developed workshops, consulting services, and a coaching program that combine both my corporate retail and content strategy experience.

My focus is to see you win more clients through a strong online marketing strategy. 

To find out more about consulting services and coaching programs and how they will fit your needs, schedule a call with me. Start here!

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Content marketing is the foundation for building a sustainable brand.

Jovonne Walker
Founder & CEO

It is better to fail in originality than succeed in imitation

JoVonne Walker
Founder & CEO